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The Culprit

There was a fashion…oh about ten or more years ago, by metal bands in the post-grunge era to cover 80s hits. So we got Marilyn Manson doing both ‘Sweet Dreams (are made of this)’ and ‘Tainted Love’; Orgy did ‘Blue Monday’ and even Wheatus did ‘A Little Respect.’

Fast forward to 2010; most of nu-metal is thankfully forgotten and not forgiven, only The Culprit have decided that they are going to do an eighties cover, too. In this case ‘What Is Love’ by Howard Jones. Thanks for that, guys.

Only that’s not the only crime on here. I am perfectly prepared to concede that these guys can play their instruments, technically brilliantly, but that does not make this a great record. It’s nu-metal by numbers, and that was supposed to be left behind years ago. Not just in terms of fashion (ha!), but in terms of inflicting suffering on a listening public which is not a nice thing to do.

The titles suggest angst by numbers ‘Kill Or Cure’ ‘Birthmark’ and ‘The Forfeit’ -and it’s just so, so wrong. All of it. So wrong that nothing can make this right. It is a record thrashing around for an identity and failing to find it. I am sure these guys look after their Mums, treat animals right and brush their teeth at night. Whatever. But there is just no need for this album to exist in any time.

By Ed Jupp

Edinburgh based, addicted to noise and destroying the bourgeois aesthetic.

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