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The Countess of Fife

Live EP (CoF)

By • May 14th, 2020 • Category: Single review

This is a great live EP by the indomitable Fay (Countess of) Fife and her band.

Starting with ‘Bad Breed’, lovely guitar-led stomp which twangs its way through the gears at mid-pace, we then get ‘Angel In My Pocket’ a gorgeous guitar/organ track which recalls some later Blondie work… FF’s voice sounds better than ever.

‘Take Me To The Grave’ is a country-tinged rollock of a male/female duet with one of her backing band – nee ha! And last ‘Don’t Dress Me Up’ continues the country/rebel theme, but this time more reflective. This sounds a bit like The Cramps vs Dolly Parton (or something), and is all the better for it…

Great work from the Countess and the band, and let us hope that we can hear this tunes in the flesh again in the not too distant…

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