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The Close Lobsters / Domiciles

This was a good pairing, the returning heroes and the young upstarts.

Hailing fae Fife, Domiciles unleashed an unprecedented cacophony of noise in this wee venue. BM has witnessed their shows a couple of times before but this was the loudest one yet (thanks to Jer Reid on sound).

Using guitar pedals, keyboards and a wee machine that produced the kind of low-frequency noise that attempts to rearrange one’s vital organs, this was truly an onslaught of epic proportions.

There are a few loud bands in Scotland at the moment, notably Helicon, The Cosmic Dead and Frankie’s Evil Party (who by coincidence were playing next door tonight at Broadcast) but Domiciles can give them all a run for their money based on this showing.

Shades of MBV, The JAMC and Spacemen 3 were evident but this band are no copyists and set to the job of pummelling us into submission. Most tracks BM thinks were from their self-titled LP but up close, with the sound physically assaulting the sense it is a bit hard to tell.

But nevertheless BM enjoyed this thoroughly and hopes Domiciles are booked for bigger gigs in future, and congratulates Last Night From Glasgow for welcoming such an extreme proposition into the fold!

The Close Lobsters were on the original NME C86 cassette (“cassette” you say, well long long ago, in this land we played cassettes… ask your gran…). With pretty much the original lineup, the blasted through songs from new album ‘Post Neo Anti’ (out on Last Night From Glasgow Records) plus a selection spanning their long career.

Again the soundmix was great and their were a few nostalgic tears shed for the old times, particularly by the large Paisley contingent who have known these guys for decades…

As the set drew to a close and they ran out of time for an encore BM could only think that she never expected more material from this lot, and for them to be in such good form – hopefully there will be more gigs across the summer (how about a couple of festival appearances?)