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The Bluffers

We Talked For A Time ((demo))

By • Feb 17th, 2008 • Category: demonstration

As this tune starts, the singer’s drawl is so much like that of a certain Mr Doherty that it’s hard to expect much more from them than another Libertines pastiche. But then it all goes a bit 80s stadium rock with a punchy guitar part and it becomes clear that The Bluffers won’t be that easily pigeon-holed. The chorus sounds a bit scrappy, but that hasn’t done The View any harm. There’s a bit of Clash-influence on the shouty chorus of second track ‘Music Had To Lose’ and the chilled out closer ‘Friction’ has the kind of meandering sound of early Travis slowies – until the guitar solo which probably gets a rapturous reception down the local pub, but sounds a bit out of place (and out of date) beside the rest of their sound.

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