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The Black Ryder

The Door Behind The Door (Anti-Machine Machine)

By • Apr 18th, 2015 • Category: long players

The Black Ryder began writing these songs in 2009. It has taken up to now for their voice to fully mature, so they feel they can express themselves, their emotions and their feelings.
You can still see faint traces of the joins, but that’s ok, because a little bit of competition and friction between a group is most definitely a good thing. It makes for more exciting listening.
This is a true collective effort, with all the drama and joyous chaos that entails. A good example of this would be the middle three tracks, where everyone appears to be hellbent on being louder and more violent than everyone else. In this sense, it’s very R.E.M.-ish, as it has that jangle, that slight sense that behind the next chord or chorus, they’ve got a fine rollicking country song.
These songs may well come from within some deep tortured collective of souls and psyches. They have the roots and they have bag full of tunes and ability. They have a hankering to be classic rock but they’re not quite classic rock as yet.
They are still holding back a little and this is what makes The Door Behind The Door such a delicious and exciting listen.
It’s a slow burner, born of many late nights, out there on the road, wondering where this strange trip will take them next.
It seems unfair to pick out highlights, but the one thing you are sure to remember after all the chords have faded, is Aimee Nash’s voice. It’s a siren one minute and a sensuous mourn the next.

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