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The Bent Moustache

From our favourite Dutch label (home to Persil and Zea) this is a rather odd twist, as it’s something of a Scottish supergroup (with former members of Dawson and Dog Faced Hermans) in exile in Amsterdam who have produced this debut album.
And they are, yes, pretty super too – taking those previous stints in what were some pretty ragged lofi punk acts and putting a noughtiees sheen on it, opener ‘Bubblebath’ displaying all the angsty jangle of the Yummy Fur (and the other bands they left behind in Glasgow) contrasted with a vocal delivery not far removed from Long Fin Killie. Elsewhere it’s a ramble through some decidedy varied influences – some decided Fall-ishs on ‘Cash’n’Curry’, while the ghost of King Tubby oversees the very authentic-sounding ‘Killa Dub’. A bit of a dip on the meat’n’potatoes rock plod of ‘Texas’, but overall, nice to see the Saltire flying over the Milkweg.

By Stuart McHugh

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