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The Awkwards

Tenement Girl (...)

By • Jun 6th, 2009 • Category: demonstration

Apparently the work of a solo artist The Awkwards make slightly mournful singer-songwriter sounds – all minor chords and maudlin lyrics on disturbed sleep and lost loves – ‘Tenement Girl’ is one such lost love we assume, as it wallows in a mournful cello backing. ‘Into The Night’ is a bit more cheery, as much fun as you could expect to have with a Travis album. ‘Junk Male’, mood-wise, is rather back to black though… and actually, is closest to wee Fran’s songwriting style of these three tunes with every bit of the catchy appeal. Apparently he gigs “not so much as you’d notice” in the Granite City – so keep your ears peeled as you could do a lot worse than seek him out.

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