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Tenement and Temple

Tenement and Temple (Thrum)

By • Aug 1st, 2019 • Category: Album review

T&T (an moniker which they will probably hate!) have an impeccable Scottish indie pedigree, but what the feck do we care about that?

This is about the music, and my God this music is lovely – not always easy, but mature and considered… the album sleeve shows Monica Queen and Johnny Smillie – who previously traded under the Thrum monicker – in a somewhat sour pose, which may or may not be a bit of a joke…

T&T is a thing to grow into, to let your inhibitions go, and your preconceptions as well. There are shades of sounds through the decades, along with Queen’s sultry, but spiky voice, truly an instrument of wonder…

BM is hesitant to namecheck individual tracks here because the whole album feels like a completed act – so to pick off these songs one by one seems a bit off…

But of the 10 tracks here, BM would probably highlight ’10 More Years’ as being one of the stand-outs, at points celebratory but also wistful, threatening and downright homicidal, a partner contemplating the next 10 ten years of a long term relationship.

‘Ripa’ is a gorgeous country-rock ditty with a whistle in the chorus, while ‘I Only See You In The Dark’ is another ballad highlighting Queen’s amazing voice.

The album really hangs together and the production job sounds great – BM hopes the T&T do some serious live dates to promote this, as it is a great piece of work.

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