Single review

Telen Rodwell

From the very opening piano line, you know where you stand with the new track from Telen Rodwell. Like his previous single ‘Heart of Gold’ this is a pop track that’s swimming in excellent production and some nice lyrical touches. Gone this time is the acoustic guitar, replaced with a piano part that makes up most of the chord pattern, underpinning a vocal performance that’s particularly good in the bridge/pre-chorus section.
Despite the switch to piano, this remains an upbeat entry into the Telen Rodwell canon, another example of pop music done right – a real treat for mainstream music fans who could do a lot worse than check out the full LP ‘Shadowman’.
The LP itself, more varied than the first two singles might suggest, is an excellent example of how a songwriter can tell stories through pop tropes – it will be interesting to see which track comes out as the next single.