short players (Scottish) Single review

Teenage Fanclub

After a four year intermission, Bellshill beauties Teenage Fanclub have returned to boost our serotonin with their new track, ‘Home’.

The single is fresh off the bands upcoming record ‘Endless Arcade’, set to be released in March 2021, which will be the band’s eleventh studio album.

Encompassing itself with themes of longing, dejection and awaiting something more, ‘Home’ is a heartfelt song, wrapped and decorated in catchy, upbeat instrumentations and melodies.

The track begins with steady drums and an optimistic, cheery guitar pattern that carries on throughout the first half. Then, with the introduction of a hearty, loud guitar riff playing over in the latter half of the track, the song suddenly adds this new dimension of life to itself, which intensifies and animates the track into something even more engulfing and energetic than it was in the beginning.

From a lyrical standpoint, the lyrics hold both substance and meaning. With lyrics such as “I’ve been waiting for the sun to shine but the sky is grey” and “I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever be home again”, the track unreservedly shows itself as a masqueraded positivity which, at its core, has something much deeper to say and offer. A masterful and delightful donation by the Scottish superstars.

‘Home’ is a simple and well written track. It is full of heart both lyrically and instrumentally and as soon as it begins, one cannot help but be captured by all that it has to offer.