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Tanaka Makoni

The Streets (TM)

By • Nov 8th, 2020 • Category: Single review

Tanaka Makoni speaks with a direct message on her latest track ‘The Streets’. It is a follow-up single to her previous hit, ‘Lust’ and this new track pushes Tanaka even further into the freshest RnB artist category with a quality which is inspirational.

‘The Streets’ speaks about the singer’s earlier years and she sings a piercing message with genuine integrity. For me, I relish how she keeps churning out hit after hit. Also, the music foundation is sturdy, and it follows a slow and chill vibe for the most part, but I enjoy its pureness. Also, it carries a similar style to Tanaka’s previous release, ‘Lust’, therefore it builds a signature sound for the London rising star.

For me, I enjoy how serene the mix feels. As a result, it takes me away from the craziness of the modern world and into a peaceful realm. Is this intentional? I am unsure, but the producer has worked his magic, and it is paying off massively. Additionally, I enjoy how Tanaka has introduced more harmonies than her previous releases. It is a potent way to add more flavour to the track, and it does just that here on this record. However, I would enjoy more variation in her vocal style, possibly even a short vocal bridge with the music becoming a little more distant in the mix?

Overall, ‘The Streets’ can do little wrong in my eyes. It is heartfelt from the instant, and although I cannot relate 100% with the lyricism, I still find myself fitting into the singer shoes, and I feel her every word as if I was living through her youth just as she did.

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