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The Sweetheart Revue

Slow Fade (Mecca Holding Company)

By • Jan 21st, 2015 • Category: short players

This single is long overdue to be reviewed – its original release date November 2014, it’s so last year, but as it turns out, well worth waiting for.
A-side ‘Slow Fade’ is in fine countrified style – very low key, understated, but classy. It has the air of a well-worn melody but BM can’t place it, and some ascending chords which give the bones of a good ol’ singalong, for it is in the country/bluegrass tradition. This outfit, straight outta Glasgae, have a longer history than BM had realised, but are building on their strengths. There are gorgeous harmonies, a story, guitar picking and those chord progressions.
It is a bit downbeat, but might just suit the desolate months of early 2015 – it just needs a bit more publicity, so this is hopefully not too overdue.
B-side ‘Stars’ is also classy, with cello more to the fore – always a good thing – and more choppy lyrics… very mellow…
The combo were recently picked up for yon Hollywood fillum ‘Overnight’ and threaten another album soon, so good luck with what remains of 2015, guys.

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