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Sweeney Straddles The Sun

Tarantula (Boffo Bear)

By • Feb 9th, 2017 • Category: Album review

Jason Sweeney is clearly a man who’s not into pigeonholes.

His second album is, like debut ‘Erect’, a solo, home-produced, release but with a lavish production ethic that belies its DIY roots.

Channeling the likes of Flaming Lips and the Beta Band on more indie-pop tunes like ‘Hey Human’, he spans – straddles, indeed – a variety of genres brilliantly across 13 tracks – the dark funk of ‘Keep The Workforce Strong’, the trippy psychedelia of ‘The Older I Get’… the list goes on – there’s ‘Discorporation’s electronic surfpop, to say nothing of the death glam (if that is actually a genre) of the title track.

In all, Mr Sweeney’s rise may indeed turn out to be stratospheric.

(This review originally appeared in the The Buchanie)

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  1. oan yersel Jason!