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Sweaty Palms

Quit Now (Nice Swan)

By • Jun 29th, 2018 • Category: Album review

This is Sweaty Palms’ debut album, comprising 11 tracks and including a couple of previous single releases.

It is an absolute belter – loud, in yer face and very uncompromising.

Highlights are ‘Queer Fatwa’ which sounds like Fat White Family vs The Cramps if they happened to meet in a Glasgow dive… the riotous ‘Captain of the Rugby Team’ (already reviewed here) and ‘Grey Existence’, which has a killer riff, catchy like the Fratellis but a lot more warped… and ‘Winter Sports’ again has a cutting guitar lead, the vocals at times more like early PIL-era Lydon – chaotic, rumbustious and life-affirming.

‘Transit Paul’ is slower, but still has that surf-guitar shudder, “give him a call”….

This brief review can’t do justice to one of the most exciting albums of the year so far – if their live gigs are anything like this album, they could be unmissable…

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