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Sun Giant

Sun Giant
By • Sep 28th, 2014 • Category: Single review

Youth may be no guarantee of innovation but sometimes what ‘aint broke doesn’t need fixed.
That seems to be the case with fresh, up-and-comers Sun Giant, who arrive with a brand new self titled EP.
With an eye-wateringly young average age of 19-years-old, this Lancaster trio have a big, ambitious sound. And they aren’t afraid to show it off in the studio or on stage.
What immediately strikes the listener about this group is the wisdom beyond their teenage years. Even a quick listener through this new EP and it’s clear that there’s a tightness, a bond and a definite musical understanding between all parts of the group. It’s to their credit as is this new work as a whole.
Opening song ‘More Indulge’ is a psychedelic throwback to the mid 1960s when Jimi Hendrix and flower power ruled the world.
Having a track that can evoke such imagery is a massive compliment to this band. Especially considering that type of music was all the rage decades before they were even thought of. Testimony then to the lasting effects of that fruitful period of rock music.
Expertly executed riffs and finger plucking to die for, Sun Giant have that Clapton and Cream quality for perfection in the studio. This continues on ‘When Will it be Worth It’ and the eponymous ‘Sun Giant’. All are beautifully crafted and deliver a scratching ambiance that, arguably, hasn’t been heard in quite a long time.
Off set with lyrics that are fine but could maybe be doing with a little more maturity behind them, the whole EP is a delight to listen to. Knowing just how young and relatively inexperienced the band behind it are makes it all the more pleasurable. A brilliant introduction and one that offers the best chance of well-deserved recognition in the future.

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