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Let Go (download)

By • Nov 30th, 2020 • Category: Single review

Suman leaps forward with her new release ‘Let Go’. It is a track which provides the hip hop community with refreshment given the number of tracks which follow a status quo formula.

It all gets underway with a nail-biting overture. Furthermore, the beat jumps out with fearless quality, and it carries a fill structure for the most part with it chipping away with the bass hook. Also, a mixture of sounds appear as the track progresses, which I enjoy, and it pushes us towards Suman’s vocal impeccably.

Suman is a vocal machine, and she proves that she is not taking her eye off the ball with another mesmerising vocal performance here. For me, I enjoy how she brings a modern UK hip hop flavour, but she also delves deep into her eastern influence and its smashing. I can hear a Rihanna similarity too, is this intentional? I am unsure, but it works very well.

The mix is top class. Furthermore, the producer of the track, Ayo Beatz unleashes his quality once again with his previous hit with Suman, ‘Crazy Over You’ also lifting itself firmly off the ground quickly. However, I would enjoy for both Ayo and Suman to mix their sound up a little bit more as it does follow a similar path to the previous releases.

Overall, the master is very loud. However, luckily, it appears that the engineer did not lose any of the dynamics in the mix. Nevertheless, it does contribute to the loudness wars, which is still very much a thing in the contemporary music world. It is where each song tries to be louder than the other; it can work with studies proving that the louder songs outperform the quieter ones.

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