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Studio Kind of Green

Making Light (Kind of Green)

By • Sep 21st, 2020 • Category: Single review

This is a very fresh-sounding EP and BM cannot quite put her finger on any influences – funky, and then some!

It is the first release from former Auckland, NZ based Kind Of Green Records since Carey Walton, the producer behind the label, relocated to Linlithgow, Scotland.

(from the press release) “Collaborating with Belfast born, Edinburgh resident Sean Ormsby’s Locked Hands persona, these three tracks developed from a long-term mutual admiration and more recently swapped audio files.”

The three tunes have some truly odd angles – the opening title track ‘Making Light’ appears to have some sitar on it, (no problem with that!) and has quite a motorik backing, with vocals and some very in our face guitar soloing…

‘Hear Me Out’ has more funky grooves, a more relaxed vocal and some truly great guitar (again!). And ‘Sweet Traffic Symphony’ has the kind of hedonistic backdrop that recalls David Holmes mid-noughties “soundtrack” albums, chaotic but very cool indeed…

Could they ever reproduce this incredible sound live – time will have to tell, and in 2020 time will have to tell a bit longer…

This may be the future of music – and if so, BM really LIKEs it!

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