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Finding My Way (self-released)

By • Feb 5th, 2021 • Category: Album review

STEWXRT is a young guy from Oban and this album was released late last year (seems BM is a bit behind!). The tracks are mainly raps based on guitar riffs and display a lot of innovation and insight. There’s a lot of self-awareness and probably autobiography from a clearly very talented musician…

The themes are fairly downbeat, exploring isolation, hopelessness, and quite a lot of booze!

Highlights for BM on this seven track offering are probably ‘Lightbulbs’ and the title track. STEWXRT has a really good flow and the lead lines and choruses recall some early Stanley Odd numbers – high praise indeed from this reviewer.

As with everything in 2021 it is a crying shame there are no live gigs available but BM hopes that this guy can rock some place sometime soon, the Corran Halls await!

More at, or read an interview with him in The Oban Times.

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