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Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No

Here at itm? we’re proud to premiere the latest video from Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No. Taken from the band’s third album ‘Double Life’, it follows up the NYC-based combo’s well-received sophomore release, 2016’s ‘Mon Dieu’.

We caught up with Steve who talked us through the birth of the new video.

“The video for ‘Sunspot On My Mind’ was put together / assembled by our guitar-player-in-absentia Alec Ferrell, whose record label Clearly Records co-released this latest full-length record ‘Double Life’ with our own Later Records.

There’s a mix of live video and some great astronomical shots…

“I (Steve) liked the idea of using some literal sunspot images, and Alec wisely interspersed some images of the band from our release party for the record, at which he joined us onstage for a few songs.

Steve Shiffman and The Land of No – Sunspot On My Mind from Clearly Records on Vimeo.

It’s been a couple of years since the last album?

“This album took some time to complete, as for this one we fully recorded and mixed it ourselves. My (Steve’s) involvement in the mixing of it was much more prevalent than on our prior releases; our guitar player Dave Hollinghurst is a fully fledged recording engineer.

The band has seen some changes in personnel since the early days?

“The band itself formed when I (Steve) ended up in NYC after the dissolution of The 4-Star Movie in Toronto, Canada. The concept of this band moved over time from solo performances, to a guitar and drum duo, to full 5-piece band.

It seems that you can rock out, but still hark back to your solo days?

“Since adopting the full band concept, we very much enjoy exploring the sheer sonic loudness that we tend to bring to the stage, only to then come right down to whisper-levels if that’s what the next song calls for. We love that dichotomy.”

‘Double Life’ is available now, via Spotify via Later Records. Also available: ‘Mon Dieu’ and the self-titled debut.

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By Stuart McHugh

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