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Stephen Malkmus

Traditional Techniques (Domino)

By • May 10th, 2020 • Category: Album review

You feel like you know the music long before you’ve actually hit the play button and that can be a dangerous thing as much as an adventure.

What moods does it create and how does it create them? Who else does it remind you of? What sensations does it leave you with and are you left wanting more of them and if so, how?

These are notes that burn slowly onto the earlobes. Harmonies saunter softly down your eardrums and into your memories, to be entwined with vision, hopes and dreams that they are destined to soundtrack for evermore, in times like these.

It’s music that is easy to make friends with. These are scenes you’ll see on the streets every day. Voices that you’ll hear in your head every day. They are tones of relation, empathy and sympathy and, in times like these, we need this more and more.

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