short players (Scottish) Single review

Starry Skies

The fourth single from The Starry Skies’ third album, released last year, is a remix of the title track embellished with some great trumpet work from Gordon Kyle, as well as the full seven-piece (on this one) Starry Skies lineup (members’ names too many to mention but they all know who they are, and they are all sounding great on this!).

It was already a great song and the remix just adds some further instrumental flourishes and nuances, the lines regarding “screen zombie generation” in the middle section just being further accentuated as time goes by…

Frontman/songwriter Warren McIntyre’s take on Americana, country and Beatles-esque pop sounds as fresh as ever and BM is hotly anticipating the next album, due out hopefully later this year. If Starry Skies can get some gigs in front of an audience (hard to do at the moment) we’d all be blessed, as they are quite the thing in live performance mode.