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Starry Skies

Here Comes the Moon (Foxstar)

By • Jun 14th, 2020 • Category: Single review

This is an optimistic and glorious single, and just what we all need in these dark times!

On repeating listening the track also has the groove the edge and the quality that sets it above the numerous generic attempts out there to create classic pop – readers, this is it!

Warren McIntyre is a master of the catchy riff and the class vocal couplet and this is one of his best, backed up by a full band including Heather’s gorgeous fiddle. The guitars twang, the backline throbs and we are caught between US in the seventies and Glasgow in the 2020’s – a rocking song that BM hopes gets the radio-play it deserves, as it is the sort of track that should be pumping on the stereo all summer…

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