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Stanley Odd

The Last Night In (Live From Leith Theatre) (Saturday May 8th 2021)

By • May 11th, 2021 • Category: Gig review

Another live gig? Well almost… This is the mighty Odd playing their current album ‘Stay Odd” in the venerable Leith Theatre.

Ok so there is so audience, just the band and several cameras, but it is compelling performance nonetheless. The Scottish “Hip Hop” six-piece (or did they gain an extra for this gig, looks like it from the visuals) play their hearts out – the backdrop is a dark, empty theatre but they bring it alive, with dramatic lighting, all credit to the camera and sound people…it looks great.

BM has previously reviewed the album on these pages, but the live versions of the tracks add drama and frisson, as well as being delivered with passion and soul.

Initial highlights are probably the opener ‘FUWSH’ angry invective from Solareye, while ‘Night Rip’ is quite unnervingly spellbinding, Veronica’s vocals against that bass guitar sound better than ever… but later cuts such as shaggy BMX story ‘Recycling’ and nostalgia trip ‘Exciting Lives’ are entertaining and album closer ‘Best Pals’ is memorable and proof that this band can make dignified statements as well as tear it up – in fact they cover all emotions over this performance, of 14 (or maybe 15) tracks there is not one bit of filler. BM thinks they slipped in at least one oldie, lyrics “Odd by nature, Odd by name” – cheeky!

The album was quite a long time in the works but the results are well worth it – and these live versions really drive home the determination of the Odd to get their messages across, and then some! Credit to all the bands members’ contributions, they have always had a collective approach and this come through strongly in the performance.

This is quite a rum comparison but more than ever, The Odd come across as Scotland’s answer to Massive Attack – they are that good!

This is up with the best attempts at BM has seen at “live under lockdown”, including Mogwai’s album playback and the Room 2 events – working artists in Scotland have tried to do their thing live online, and this one works as well as any of them. And line of the night – “Ah’m not Two Chains, I’ve got two weans…”

C’mon the Odd!

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