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Some People Are Inconvenient (Diamond Pure)

By • Sep 13th, 2019 • Category: Single review

What does the asterisk in this Glasgow three-piece’s name stand for? You’d imagine that there’s a line of small print, “*not stadium-friendly”.

However, closing track here, ‘Safe Space’ is an emotionally-charged, enormodome-ready epic, its searing guitars and soaring vocals a match for the rock behemoths that regularly fill our sporting arenas (dare we say U2 in these enlightened times?)

However, as the trio’s biog says, they’re “having too much fun to stick to a single genre.”

Thus, opener ‘Voodoo’s choppy grunge would be more at home in a sweaty club, while ‘A Moment of Clarity’s spidery guitar takes towards the post-rock realm, except with a swelling, chest-beating chorus, and with ‘Bonesaw’ we’re briefly, for a breathless two minutes, back in a basement where Bob Mould wields an axe and Stadium* the industrial machinery.

And the asterisk? Star quality, surely?

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