Album review Scottish albums

Spring Break

Spring Break have been around for a couple of years but were convened at Belladrum 2014. This is their first LP, 11 tracks in all, released in April 2018.

From the Highlands, looks like there are five of them – Ben, Emily, Ash, Butters and Thelonious (?)

They have played a good few festivals, supported Stanley Odd and have one EP under their belts. This is a step-up, recorded at Castle Sounds, and is their first major stab into the mainstream. There are some very catchy tunes here, a bit reminiscent of the Odd in the male lead and female back chorus, for example on first track ‘Degenerative Eloquence’.

Track 2 ‘He’s Behind You’ continues this upbeat groove, with a nice piano riff, lots of rapping couplets, and a good rocking beat. There’s also some nice Spanish guitar strumming.

And so it continues, lots of punning, a bit of salsa, the two lead voices intertwining around the instrumental backing, in quite a summery way, much needed in this spring of discontent…

‘Dolphin Puncher’ is a highlight, about a very stressed guy, described to a very laid-back beat – “pure raging” – and some nice instrumental breaks…

There are some homespun tales, ‘The Slouch’ being good advice to a procrastinator…

All in all, this is a very enjoyable listen and marks Spring Break out as not just some novelty festival act – very good indeed.