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Spare Snare

Indie-schmindie heroes Spare Snare release a mammoth box set of early recordings entitled ‘Dundee Church For The Deaf (Curios and Versions)’.

The 40-plus-track odyssey consists of early versions, instrumentals and covers and comes as a limited edition of 50 – numbered and signed – with none of the tunes being available for download for at least a year.

Consisting mainly of recordings from the archive of singer and chief songwriter Jan Burnett, the tapes have been digitised, tracing their evolution of tracks which would eventually appear on the band’s first three albums – ‘Live At Home’, ‘Westfield Lane’ and ‘Animals And Me’.

“It’s 44 tracks over three discs, with hand printed inserts and all that jazz,” says Burnett.

“A couple of tracks are early versions, different titles / lyrics eg ‘Skateboard Punk Rocker’ and ‘Clutch Me Now’.

“The vast majority are unreleased songs or works in progress at the time, and for whatever reason I moved on. Most of it is me finding my feet as Spare Snare Jan solo to Spare Snare band.”

The set can be ordered via the Spare Snare bandcamp page.

By Stuart McHugh

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