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Three piece alt-rockers Whispery Club are a band in the midst of a very important year – probably the most important year of their careers.

Consisting of Chris Lawrence (vocals), Gary Goldie (bass) and John McIntosh (drums), Whispery Club’s own unique brand of melancholy calls to mind the very best of new wave and post-hardcore music, a sure-fire formulae for greatness.
The white heat surrounding the band is far from unfounded. Since the release of their debut single ‘Between My House and Your Home’ the band have received a steady influx of praise – they can even count music mogul Jim Gellatly amongst their biggest fans.

The music video for the aforementioned single has accumulated over 5000 hits on YouTube and their reputation continues to build momentum.

Formed one year ago this month from the scattered remains of various other Glasgow and East Ayrshire bands, the Whispery Club are already preparing to take their music global.
Drummer John McIntosh said: “We’ve really hit the ground running. The first nine months we spent writing and perfecting the material, now we’ve only just got into the swing of gigging. Already we’ve gathered a fair amount of acclaim. None of us expected things to move along so quickly. We’ve received airplay from radio stations in Tennessee, New York, France and Canada.”

To top off a whirlwind year, the band has been hand chosen to appear in the prestigious South by Southwest music festival over in Austin, Texas.

With massive international tour dates looming, you could perhaps be forgiven for thinking this has all gone to their heads, but the band are determined to keep their feet rooted firmly in reality.
John added: “We’re all local boys and we won’t forget where we came from any time soon. Hitting the big time won’t phase us don’t worry.”

The band are currently recording their EP and their second single ‘We’ll Get By’ is coming soon.

You can catch them on their Facebook page.

By Chris Kelso

I've been printed in a number of small literary and university newspapers across the UK and Canada including: AlterNation, Trisickle magazine, Trouser Press, Is This Music?, Beard rock, Sabotage Times, Heart and Lungs, Re-Gen Magazine, Lost Boy Zine, Dead Man's Tome (August issue), Duality (Issue4), Salzberg Review, Total Football Magazine, Firstwriter Magazine, The Edinburgh Journal and the Strathclyde Telegraph.

At present i'm the designated football/soccer reporter with Total Football Magazine. I've conducted interviews across Europe with teams like Mechelen and Brondby and written numerous articles. Recently i've made some extra money by doing promo posters for independent movies like "I Chop You", Gilles Guerraz' upcoming releases "Lapse", "Playgirl" and Will Dresden's "Ratt B".

I learned my trade studying English and Psychology at Strathclyde University, Glasgow. As well as this i have completed an Open University creative writing course and am preparing to sit my NCTJ Journalism exams.

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