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Didnae Get Repetitive (A Modern Way)

By • Apr 28th, 2018 • Category: short players

Another classy cut from the forthcoming Solareye album ‘All These People Are Me’, this track plays with the notion of rap, describing cliches and rhyme-schemes. There’s a lot of Solareye’s uniquely personal stream of consciousness wordsmithery. The beats are fairly low-key, although there are more than several fine synth riffs, at intervals.

Solareye has been at the forefront of rap music in Scotland for a while now, with Stanley Odd, solo efforts and other stuff. Aka Dave Hook, every line has a new image/allusion/message, one of the sharpest and cleverest around.

The puns come thick and fast, better than ever – self-referencing in a gentle way, mainly, Ney Reekie and Rebel Inc get shout outs, along with The Post Office, Nasdaq and Merrill Lynch…

It is hopefully an indication of how good the next album will be – out in a couple of weeks….

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