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Snide Rhythms

Welcome to Music Industry Fantasy Land (T-shirt)

By • Jun 7th, 2019 • Category: Album review

“Nothing’s good and nothing’s free, all hail the mediocrity,” goes the refrain of ‘No App Ally G’, from the Edinburgh trio’s third long player and follow-up to ‘2nd Difficult Album’.

Whether playfully tongue-in-cheek or properly ‘snide’, the album’s title demonstrates their unwillingness to confirm to music industry expectations. Musically, the trio’s post rock harks back to the DIY indie of the 1980s and hissy late night radio, its snaking basslines redolent of Shriekback or A Certain Ratio.

However, the recent resurgence in art rock means it’s also very ‘now’ – especially as it’s released on t-shirt (with a download, of course). Given that on ‘New Found Fame’ they rhyme “ball and chain” with “all the same”, you suspect that they could not care less that they are unlikely to trouble the charts any time soon. Shame.

‘Welcome to Music Industry Fantasy Land’ is out now. This article originally appeared in the Bo’ness Journal.

Buy on Bandcamp.

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