Single review

Snapped Ankles

Mental noisenicks Snapped Ankles are back with a new track, in advance of a new album in July.

Apparently straight outta Epping Forest, England, these days, ‘The Evidence’ is a jerky, twisting beast which writhes around early Human League analogue riffs along with parping synths and a furious electronic backbeat.

Other synth pioneers such as Cabaret Voltaire are also referenced, with quirky instrumentation being the order of the day. It is however very catchy, even poppy at times and would certainly fit into the outer reaches of the UK charts circa 1981 – it also strangely reminds BM of early Simple Minds, no bad thing at all really…

Snapped Ankles are due to play some live dates later this year, let’s hope that they can do that (St Lukes is one, in October)…