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Slime City

Less Jools More Top of the Pops (Last Night From Glasgow)

By • Mar 14th, 2020 • Category: Single review

This track is in the best tradition of “kill the establishment”, and who in this world has not been pissed off, annoyed and felt like kicking the telly when Jools applies his boogie woogie attentions to the latest victim…

Slime City attack the show in the same way Clinic’s ‘IPC Edictors Dictate our Youth’ did back in the day, and the Sex Pistols referenced the NME in ‘Anarchy in the UK’… so plus ca change, but this is a greatly enjoyable jump around and kick the cat (actually no, don’t injure BM’s pussy please – in the tradition of Mrs Slocombe) type track and the bass is seriously throbbing….

BM thinks a campaign to get these wreckers of society onto Jools would be a great idea, and “one more hootenanny” might not kill them…

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