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Sister Vanilla

Little Pop Rock (Chemikal Undergound)

By • May 30th, 2007 • Category: Album review

Right, it’s good to know that whenever the Reid family get a bit high or feel a little low they’ll commit it to tape in some form or another. This time it is in the guise of their younger sibling, Linda aka Sister Vanilla. The album starts with a gentle piano plinking, casually acoustic driven little number called, ‘Pastel Blue’, which is an intriguing opener so much as it doesn’t leap out and grab you straight away but rather pleasantly noodles along with a vacant vocal delivery yet sticks with you for days to come. ‘Jamcolas’ and ‘Delicat’ are Jesus and Mary Chain style rockers, and as upbeat as the album gets, the latter arguably being the best thing on here. Elsewhere the album continues the downbeat and lazy approach, which charms as much as it hinders. ‘Kissaround’ is a burdensome ballad, not so much the song-writing itself but the irritating guitar wanking all the way through it somewhat ruins the mood. However directly after it, ‘What Goes Around’ puts everything back on the right track and humorously uses the word ‘pissed’ more times than I’ve heard on any song before. The album finishes with a duet with Stephen Pastel, sounding like ‘Tigermilk’ era Belle and Sebastian, ‘The Two of Us’ perfectly encapsulates the sound of the whole record. Shambolic, loose and sloppy, but unmistakeably the Reid brothers with a luscious female vocal fronting it all. For fans of JAMC, and the shoegazing indie scene of the early 90s.

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