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Siobhan Wilson

The Departure (Suffering Fools)

By • May 12th, 2019 • Category: Album review

This is an impressive album, and has some crushing moments.

The opening title track is piano-led but has some sublime harmonies and subsides into an electronic hole towards the end – incredible!

‘Marry You’ has some intense electric guitar and is quite claustrophobic, with some pert drums and is just quite fantastic…

‘April’, which follows is acoustic and about SW’s niece, a rumination on a kid’s future and urging them to be untrammelled by the barriers that could be put in front of her – a very righteous emotion…

There are several tracks in the French language as well as a collaboration with Stina out of Honeyblood ‘The Unconquerable’ which sounds absolutely great, while ‘Little Hawk’ is minimal but immense – another set of advice from experience.

SW is an artist still growing and becoming really important, from early beginnings she has matured into something fairly unstoppable and significant in this part of the world, and maybe beyond.

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