Album review

A Silent Escape

There is a blackness and bleakness to these guys’ sound which permeates right through the short, sharp 32 minutes on offer here.
These guys describe themselves as being “fresh melodic metal/hardcore from Sweden”, but a more blunt description may well be that their sound is one long howl. These guys are definitely annoyed about something but making out what that something actually is, is a nigh-on impossible task, both for them and for us. For sure, there are lots of loud metal riffs which pounce out of the speakers and threaten to stampede right over you, as if they were playing in the centre of the main stage at Download, or some such event.
This is death metal that is deathly serious and while well played, it gets monotonous very quickly. For sure, these guys have talent but they really need to ease off on the feedback and the speed pedals more at times.