Album review

She Makes War

Bristol’s She Makes War (aka Laura Kidd) is bowing out of her SMW project with this excellent retrospective album ‘And Peace’ which collect some of her best songs across four albums. BM was lucky enough to see her support Babybird in early 2018…

‘Scared to Capsize’ is a heartbreaking aftermath to some horrendous breakup or severance of some kind, played mainly on guitar or uke… enough said, a great song…”Wasn’t that what you meant to say?”

‘Drown Me Out’ is another torch song, the vocal unrepentant despite all odds….this time on plangent guitar….

‘A-hole’ speaks for itself, or maybe not – all these songs songs are played acoustic, which place more emphasis on Laura’s incredible vocals, which will be much missed….

Likewise ‘Paper Thin’ has amazing vocals and just a bit of guitar/uke and a whole lot of heartache…

‘Delete’ was previously reviewed by BM and is a great track, pretty much sotto voce, and works very well indeed…

The last few tracks ‘In This Boat’, ‘Undone’ and ‘Dear Heart’ are also of exceptional quality, and deserve to be heard, and that fucking voice….

BM hopes that Laura will continue to do music of some description – she can put her mind to anything.