Album review

Sean Taylor

To sit and enjoy an album in its entirity is rare nowadays. We are the iTunes generation who hover over the shuffle button in case the first few bars of a track don’t slap us in the face and drag us off to music heaven immediately. Sean Taylor’s Walk With Me ensnares you from the first tinkle of piano and breathy vocal and it is a collection of beautifully crafted songs.
Taylor’s soulful voice reflects his musical influences of folk blues artists such as Van Morrison and Tom Waits and the atmospheric creation of this album has been enhanced by an array of exceptionally talented musicians including BJ Cole on pedal steel, Vyvienne Long (who works with Damian Rice) on cello, Justin Carroll on Hammond organ, Dave Hingerty on drums and Michael Buckley on sax. All of the aforementioned have worked with some of the industry’s best which only gives creadance to Taylor’s reputation and talents.
‘Perfect Candlelight’ and ‘For You’ portray love so powerful and true it aches through the music and begs to be held, and in ‘Poets’ there is a musical intensity and delicateness that is tissue-paper thin. It is stripped back and raw where Taylor’s sounds-like-he-lives-in-a-smokey-southern-gin-joint-voice excels and in ‘Love Hate On’, Shakespeare has never sounded so sexy. Quite simply stunning.