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Simple Love (Scaramanga)

By • Jun 20th, 2020 • Category: Single review

So just back from Barnard Castle Specsavers (Christ what a queue..) and this drops onto the Vic Galloway show – good grief this is a banger and then some…

Apparently operating in Glasgow (nice reference to the Rowche Rumble Club at Pollok ex-Servicemen’s Club in the Spotify biog) this electronic duo have released a couple of tracks, this is the only BM can get her mitts on at the moment.

It is a bastard collision between New Order, Underworld and some other musical alchemy that is just their own… Melodic, danceable, with some interesting lyrics, in any other year this would be the sound of summer, well this year it could be the sound of summer lockdown….

Instrumentally very sophisticated, with many earworms contained within, this reaffirms BM’s faith in music, yet again…

Can’t flippin’ wait for the live shows…

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