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Sasha Kaloheris

Bad Days (Main St.)

By • Apr 22nd, 2021 • Category: Single review

Sasha Kaloheris is a 17 year old from Renfrewshire and this track (out April 16th) is her first release, ahead of her first EP. It is a well-crafted slice of pop/rock with some country influences, strumming guitar and drums building up to some electric guitar and strings. It is a mid-paced track with just enough edge for a toe-tap but full of emotion as well.

Sasha sings effortlessly, like a true natural, and the harmonies work well, along with some very catchy hooks. A nice guitar solo and an acapella section round things off before another rousing chorus – “if you can deal with all the bad days” – well we can all relate to that, universal…

There is a strong songwriter at work here – the track sounds ideal for radioplay and BM could see her follow the likes of Amy MacDonald into the charts.

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