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Sacre Noir

Her Volatile Condition (Savage)

By • Nov 1st, 2010 • Category: Album review

This is a very sweet record. It’s got a deep, dark, chocolatey quality to it that immediately warms it to the heart and makes you want to sit down with it and talk things through with it. Either that, or sit and bitch about how unfair life is. It’s up to you. It’s as though Goldfrapp have gone all French and expressed some true emotion from the world, rather than their own hearts. This is the widescreen, French aural cinema. Undoubtedly, the artist has made this record from their own heart and from experiences and times in their own lives but Sacre Noir here has sidestepped the common trap of self-pity and put enough hooks and thought into this set of songs to make sure we can all relate to this. If a friend is in need of a heart-to-heart on the relationship front, give them this record and they’ll be fine.

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