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Sabi Pitt

Many will agree that the world needs a change, and Sabi Pitt hits the nail on the head with his new single release. Furthermore, ‘Change The World’ is an honest expression about the world around us, and it is challenging not to relate to his innovative and thought-provoking lyrical prowess.

‘Change The World’ starts with a dreamy opener with a guitar lead that strums with ease. A harmonic synth also accompanies the overture, and it instantly sets the tone for the entire piece. Post-intro, Sabi Pitt unleashes one of the most stand out reggae-style pop vocals to grace the industry in recent generations.

Moreover, Sabi takes hints from the greats such as Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder, but he is not a mirror image of what has come before today. As a result, he stands out and reinvents a vocal technique that is timeless. Lyrically, Sabi sings about the horrors of modern life, and his message hits home instantly.

Nevertheless, despite the harrowing wordplay which Sabi delivers, the music does quite the opposite. Furthermore, the music brings a feel-good sentiment and the groove sways with a contagious cadence. It is a technique that works well. The paradox keeps the unpredictability flowing, and it gives the track distinction in the competitive space.

Overall, ‘Change The World’ is proof that Sabi uses his platform for a great purpose. He is musically on top, and he leverages this for the right reasons by influencing change in society. Top work, Sabi!

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