Gig review gig reviews (Scottish)

Rozi Plain / Molly Linen / Callum Easter

A great gig in a new (to BM anyway) venue, the space beneath Sauchiehall St opposite the CCA used to be Hippo Taps BM is told, never went there. Tonight it is a buzzing venue with low stage, decent sound system and quite a long room, although it was not difficult to sashay into the front row despite the venue being sold out.

Promoters 432 are making a go of this place, with some pretty big names (e.g. Simon Felice) 7 nights a week, and good luck to them, it is very well-run and could give Tut’s and others run for their money….

Callum Easter opened the night with a set of accordion and bleeps songs, some from his excellent album ‘Here Or Nowhere’ – this guy has a natural charisma onstage, even when talking to himself in his East Lothian brogue. There are tropes here of Ivor Cutler (must be the accordion), King Creosote and Steve Mason but he is his own man musically, although it helps that he is wolfishly handsome and BM would certainly be up for pulling him although he is probably around half her age!

Highlights were probably ‘Only Sun’ and ‘I Just Want to Love’ – the talent just oozes out in those songs, weird but very accessible at the same time… BM walked him to the station as well, what a great night!

Molly Linen was an unknown quantity (BM forgot there was even another act on that night) but were a revelation. A three-piece from Glasgow, they gave us angular guitar patterns in the style of Kate Le Bon (no higher accolade), some great clarinet, guitar/vocals and keyboards/Farfisa/vocals and some onstage observations about weird shit…

Several songs are on Bandcamp, including the gossamer guitar of ‘Away’ and ‘Waited Long’. Some of these sounds are almost timeless, a wee strum evoking rural and bucolic times in the same furrow of The Incredible String Band, the Cowboy Junkies or even early REM. Molly’s voice is delicate but strident and this set of songs also reminded BM of Modern Studies… anyway, they were great and the capacity crowd shut their traps to listen, always a good sign! BM understands that Lost Map are looking at it – a very good hookup if ever there was one!

Headliner Rozi Plain was also excellent, playing with a five-piece band and showcasing songs from her recent album ‘What A Boost’. The bass player and drummer both looked a bit overdressed in coat and anorak and BM was relieved when they both shed said garments after about four songs! Songs like ‘Swing Shut’ really transcended pop and folk into somethings else, even Krautrock in places. Rozi Plain is a very versatile artist – very original and one to watch.