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Roy Moller

Playing Songs, No One's Listening To (The Beautiful Music)

By • Sep 14th, 2011 • Category: Album review

Leith raised, and Glasgow-based, Roy Moller has been around for nearly twenty years, as a member of Meth O.D., Wow Kafe and as a solo artist. He has collaborated with with Belle & Sebastian’s Stevie Jackson, and his Scots indie pedigree is pretty fine.

This is the first album of his I have heard – and while it shows his strengths both as a songwriter and as a musician, I cannot help but wish he’d got someone else in to sing the songs, as his singing voice becomes a little wearing over the course of an album.

A pity, because the songwriting really is excellent. Like the work of early Belle & Sebastian, it’s a record that references Glasgow very strongly. Not least on the opening ‘Byres Road Saturday’ which references the road at the heart of Glasgow’s West End.

So, reservations aside, an album well worth dipping into.

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