Single review

Rosie Oddie and the Odd Squad

Signed to Bloody Awful Poetry, Rosie Oddie’s band of indie stars have a bloody awful name. Joining Banana-dakroyd and Joe Lean and the whatever, the Odd Squad are the latest absurd name to plop onto the release schedule. Blending surf guitars with a rock crunch, this single does little to stand out from the crowd preferring to stand in the shadows of indie anonymity. Ms Oddie – it’s not currently known if she is related to Bill the bird watcher – has a snotty, cockney delivery, sounding not unlike Kate Nash and Amy Winehouse battling it out on Singstar. As generic as the main track is, the bonus track ‘Tight Space’ is where the action is – a spacey ballad about the disintegration of a relationship it shows that it’s not time to give up on Rosie Oddie just yet.