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Rock N Roar

Andy Reilly (CreateSpace Independent Publishing)

By • Feb 8th, 2015 • Category: Feature

If there was ever a year to be Scottish, it was 2014. From the Ryder Cup to the Commonwealth Games, it felt like the eyes of the whole universe were on the biggest little country on the earth.

At the forefront of debate, arguments and downright rammys, the music scene in Scotland seemed to flourish. Whether it was politically-charged songs or a much-welcomed alternative to the mainstream eventing, there was something for everyone.
Charting the ups and ups of the music scene in Scotland throughout 2014, Andy Reilly has released his book Rock N Roar. Taking a warts-and-all look at the industry and what it meant to the people who were listening, this is a definitive catalogue of a tumultuous year.

It would be foolish to brand this simply as another Scottish music book. From the first page to the last, the whole psyche and community of the country comes under examination. While music is the undercurrent and general theme, at times it’s merely a platform for much wider issues.
Already, books and essays about 2014 in Scotland have begun to flood the shelves. And while political analysts, commentators and general hangers on are keen to have their voices hear, (as usual), Rock n Roar feel much more like a companion than a pamphlet. Reilly’s passion, prowess and politesse shine through as a beacon of trust, something that can’t be said of many authors who have used last year as a springboard to bigger things.

Speaking to a wide range of people from in and out of the industry, Rock N Roar also serves as a loyal almanac for the year. Live artists and festival goers are represented well, being given the soapbox to have their voices heard. This is a book as much about musicians and creatives as it is the ones listening.
An assured and helpful guide to what was an up-and-down year filled with debate and controversy, this book has longevity written all over it (pardon the pun). In years to come, when the country looks back on 2014 with rose-tinted spectacles, or not, Rock N Roar deserves to be heralded as the definitive account from the music scene’s point of view. It even speaks to those who are tone deaf. Now that’s a talent.

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