Album review

Robin O’Brien

To describe this as folk music would not be quite true to the spirit of the disc, somehow. This is where its roots lie, however. It has folk music’s beating, vibrant heart, with dashes of blues and acoustica thrown in to (welcomely) spice things up a little.
O’Brien’s album has a seeping beauty which reveals more of itself on every listen, tempting you closer to the heart of the music. It is an album you need to listen to time and again to get the most out of. This is music that takes you on a real journey, one for which you had better be prepared. Because if you’re not, then you’ll miss something and that would be a real shame.
This is very personal music which must have taken a great deal of time and courage to commit to tape. The themes are familiar ones – love and relationships and the joys and problems inherent in both.
This album’s real strength lies in the honesty and humour with which it handles both. You’ll laugh, cry and hum along in empathy.