Album review Scottish albums

Robin Adams

Robin Adams could be the most underrated songwriter in Scotland just now. His 2011 album ‘Be Gone’ was a brilliant piece of work that let his talent speak for itself with its stripped-down production. His new album, ‘Wilt’ takes the same approach, and is all the better for it.

‘Wilt’ has been released as Adams’ Hallowe’en album and it certainly shows a different side to his songwriting. ‘Metamorphosis’ sets the tone with the ominous opening line, “From the moment you wake/you won’t get a break / They take while they tell you it’s for your own sake.” Next song ‘Need Not Turn’ is more delicate and melancholic, featuring the brutal refrain, ’Stare into the burning sun / No my dear you need not turn’.

The strummed ruminations of ‘Restless Heart’ are a highlight while ‘Must Be Dreaming’ is a lot softer, like a lullaby and ‘For the Kill’ has an almost bluesy vibe. ‘Wilt’ is an album with a subtlety that creeps up on you, and is probably best listened to on a cold winter’s evening. For me it doesn’t quite hit the heights of ‘Be Gone’ but this is clearly the work of a true artist, and casts a unique spell all of its own.