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Robin Adams

Be Gone (EyeDogEye)

By • Mar 14th, 2011 • Category: Album review

There’s definitely something Dylan-esque about the opening number from Robin Adams’ ‘Be Gone’.  A squalling harmonica introduces ‘Investment Graveyard’, and when the vocals kick-in there’s a certain twang that betrays the influence of the American legend. However, fine though it is, the song is something of a red herring as it isn’t representative of the album as a whole. Further listening reveals the Glasgow troubadour has more than one string to his bow, and while the influence of Dylan and Neil Young looms large, there is a distinctiveness to Adams’ songwriting which is all his own.

The production of ‘Be Gone’ is completely stripped back, with just acoustic guitar and vocals for the most part, serving to highlight the raw brilliance of Adams’ songs. Contemplative lyrics are delivered with a rich, resonant vocal on the album’s title track as Adams sings “If the wind shakes my bed/And the dreams in my head/Have all been dreamt/I will shed all my skin/And be gone.” ‘Call of the Night’ is a more breezy affair while ‘Down a Dream’ has a folky vibe.

‘Be Gone’ is a sublime collection of songs which will pull you back again and again. Adams is a true talent, and I can only urge you to discover him for yourself.

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