Single review

Roberto Bates

German-born Roberto Bates is the EDM man of the moment with his new release featuring VIOLA, ‘Fire Walk With Me’ circulating the dance-pop realm.

Instantly captivating, Roberto smashes through the competition with a sound that is invigorating. He is dominant with his approach, and he enters into a corner of the scene that is rarely visited. Furthermore, he brings a modern take to a sound that was popular many decades previous. The vibe is 80s synth-pop, but it provides a new layer, and it is revitalising to hear an artist bringing this sound back to the table.

As the track progresses, Roberto provides a catchy structure that listeners will struggle not to enjoy even the listeners’ sternest. It is feel-good, and the joyous vibe plays out for the entirety. Also, VIOLA helps give the track an inviting warmth with her vocal tones expanding the mixes horizon. Additionally, VIOLA proves her salt here too. She delivers with utmost confidence, and her passion is more evident than the blue sky.

Summing up ‘Fire Walk With Me’ is challenging because it provides a lot quickly. However, this is often proof of a top track, and the quality on display is enough to put it onto the radar of many. Yet, it does not reinvent the wheel as such, but it adapts an already famous sound, and it grows into a gem leaving a feeling of wanting more.

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