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Roads To Siam

Usually our ‘up-and-coming’ section features some fresh-faced act, new to the big bad world of music and hoping to make some waves in the biz that is show.

This time however… ok, we’ve plenty of cliches we could use, but suffice to say, the members of Roads to Siam have been making music for a while – though not always producing the intense, at-times cinematic sounds that their current act is producing.
Anyway… read on as the band answer the five crucial questions in their own words.


Sean Guthrie: guitar
Mark Guthrie: bass
Chris Grove: drums
Terry Nelson: keyboards and synthesizers


Roads To Siam formed in 2002 after the break-up of Motor Life Co. The original line-up was Sean, Chris, Ben Ellis (all ex-MLC) and sometimes Dave Gormley (AC Acoustics) on second drum kit.

After Ben moved to London Sean’s brother Mark (ex-The Supernaturals) joined on bass.

Our activities have been limited to soundtrack music (we helped score two films, Bata-ville: We Are Not Afraid Of The Future and Living With The Tudors) and sporadic gigs averaging about one a year. In the past few years we have shared bills with Stage Blood, Make Love, RM Hubbert, the European Union, Sons and Daughters, Eska etc etc.

We began work on our first record at the tail end of last year, recording in Belle & Sebastian’s studio in Glasgow. We continue to work on the record, working title “Pantherinae”, and expect to release it on vinyl soon. Ish.


Moonflights from the near future.

(referencing the Tony Wilson quote where Joy Division had “no choice”).

We tend to go with Wilson: you shit or get off the pan. We’re on the pan. There is no choice.

Hear for yourself at

The band play Glasgow’s Stereo on Friday April 22nd, with Verse Metrics and New Town Triptych.

Wigout by Roads To Siam

By Stuart McHugh

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