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Rebecca Wallace / Jo D’Arc

Glasgow Icebox (Friday August 20th 2021)

By • Sep 2nd, 2021 • Category: Gig review

A great night in a new venue, The Icebox, which is situated in Glasgow’s Gorbals, in a small industrial unit very near the Citizens Theatre. It is a bit of an Aladdin’s Cave of second hand goods for sale, plus a performance space which holds around 50 people, sold out tonight. It is well worth a visit during the day or for its various evening events.

Both Rebecca and Jo are acclaimed artists and have done solo and collaborative work in Scotland’s underground music scene, and this event had some collaborations and some solo work as well.

The first half of the night comprised a number of duets, on guitar loops (Rebecca) and electric guitar/bass (Jo). The overall atmosphere was less of a gig and more like an extended house party, as so many of the audience hadn’t seen each other in a while. Both performers were initially a bit nervous but the massively positive response to every song soon relaxed them.

Tracks like Girobabies ‘Late Night Sketchy’ got an outing, along with several Twistettes numbers (‘Suck It, Fake It’). The first half ended with a Q&A hosted by Doctur Normul, who put them on the spot about some serious topics such as how lockdown had been, how they write songs and how they see themselves as artists.

After a break they were back, Rebecca firstly playing some tracks from her recent-ish album “‘Present Tense’, including the extraordinary ‘The Things They Say about Love’, which really brought the house down. There was another Q&A – some comments about women in the music industry and creating your own scene rather than chasing the record companies.

Jo then came back on to do several tracks from her recent “Minerva Wakes” album, something of an electronic offering, also involving a large cloak which she luckily didn’t trip over! To be honest the backing track should have been louder but BM understands from soundman for the night Nelson that it was a bit tricky to boost the volume much.

The last couple of tracks were a new Twistettes number ‘Tory C**ts’ which got a rousing reception, then Doctur Normul got in on the act with ‘Sing and Dance as You Please’, a nice but barbed folk song.

As another of Jo’s alter-egos “Jo Jive” started to play party songs over the PA, the crowd started to disperse and BM headed off into the night to reflect on a very cool event in a very cool venue.

(Image by Jimi Longmuir)

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